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Two is better than one! Our customers love buying this combination so much, we’ve made it into a special bundle deal. While Argan oil is anti-inflammatory and soothing, cactus oil is light and absorbs well into the skin, moisturizing it from within. This all means our complexion stays youthful and glowing for much longer!

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By Buying Berber Culture Products, You Can Give Back Too!

With every purchase of our products you aren’t only supporting the Berber cultural heritage, female hand workers or the environment, you are also helping save lives!  

A share of every purchase goes to our friends from the Morocco Animal Aid organization and to animals in need.

Morocco Animal Aid

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Hi, i’m Barbora, the founder of Berber Rose! Berber culture is my passion and i’m happy to share it with you through my personal story!

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"The Argan oil of Berber Rose is really high quality! I've been buying it regularly and it's been really incredible for my skin."
Anna from Vienna
"I love the fact that Berber Rose supports female entrepreneurship and sells hand-made and sustainable products!"
Chelsea from London
"I was searching for gift ideas and ran into this website. I decided to buy a bag for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it!"
Rudi from Salzburg

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